Gift Basket Franchise Canada | Franchises under $20K

We want to help others feel empowered and proud, to love what they do, and to be able to successfully balance all aspects of their lives. Gift Basket Franchise Canada check with us for available regions. We offer Franchises under $20K for some areas.

Whether you’re a sophisticated woman with an eye for fabulous packaging and design (you may already even be employed in the gift industry), a self starter who finds the sales world to be the ultimate challenge, or an entrepreneurial yummy mummy or daddy wishing to balance career and parenthood, we invite you to join our 2B&B family. (By the way, that’s our shorthand for our extremely long-though extremely cute! – name.)

Gift Basket Franchise Canada. We welcome woman and men of all walks of life. Let us assist you with your career planning and help you build a 2B&B business model that will best fit your needs.

Franchises under $20K. Complete franchise packages start at $15,000, increasing with population size. Let us help you find the right territory for you!

Interested? We thought so!

Click below to download our franchise information documents. These should answer the majority of your initial questions concerning this fabulous opportunity!

Please also feel free to email Alana at to hear more. A get-to-know-you call will gladly be scheduled thereafter!

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